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Paddington Playstation Day Nursery
Drummer Lane

Telephone: 01980 846448
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Phone - 01980 846448

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Paddingtons Station

For children aged 6 months to 2 years, Paddingtons Station is designed for the youngest children and offers everything the larger rooms offer but on a smaller scale. Here we focus on the children building secure attachments with staff, it has a sleep room to one side, a separate changing area that provides privacy and has a separate outside space that allows children to access a sensory garden, mud kitchen, sand pit, opportunities to climb safely and small world play.

Kings Cross Station

Is home to our 2–3-year-old children, where the focus is on exploration. The room is open and airy with direct access to their own garden which had an amazing £17,000 refurbishment in 2021. The main room has areas for messy play, role-play, construction, small world, and a cosy area where children can rest and relax. The room also houses our Station Café style where children from all rooms join for snacks and meals, making it a social space that eases transitions.

Waterloo Station

Is home to our pre-school children (3-5 years) the room, here we encourage independence so that we can get our children ready for school. The room has designated areas for role-play, discovery, construction, small world play, and Granny’s corner, there are opportunities for literacy and mathematics are available at all activities. There is a large open plan garden which offers lots of opportunities to run, climb, balance, construct, explore and be creative.

Each room has at least three key people that work closely with children and families to build strong relationships and attachments; this means that there will always be someone on the premises that knows your child and whom your child feels comfortable with.

Going on Walks

Going out within the local environment is incredibly important to the nursery and each room tries to get out and about several times a week. We visit local shops, parks, the woods, Tedworth House and the library. We encourage prospective parents to come and have a look around and have an open door policy for visits.
Ofsted Report

TNB Early Years Paddington Playstation Ofsted Report

We are so pleased with our Ofsted Report!

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